Network Engineer VoIP

 Engineer, design, and maintain a complex enterprise deployment of Cisco phone

 Design and maintain an expanding call center infrastructure at the university.

 Provide ongoing operational support and troubleshooting of production networking

issues, with a strong emphasis on VoIP.

 Both day-to-day operations and project work pertaining to our Cisco telephone solution.

 Continued validation and improvement of system performance, quality, and reliability.

 Provide Level-3 training and technical support for the University Service Desk.

Minimum Qualifications:

Required Technical Qualifications:

 Strong, up-to-date experience with all major Cisco telephone applications, including Call Manager, Unity, Emergency Responder.

 Technical experience managing Call Center applications, including scripting, call routing, and reporting. Strong knowledge of Cisco Contact Center needed.

 Deep understanding of VoIP call flow and routing.

 Ability to install both major and minor upgrades to telephony infrastructure.

 Excellent understanding of the technical relationship between networking architecture, VoIP system architecture, and third-party telephony carriers.

 Experience with SIP and hands on knowledge of Cisco CUBE routers.

 Demonstrated expertise in analyzing and solving complex technical problems.

Required Organizational Qualifications:

 Ability to see a project through from start to finish, including analysis, design, planning, testing, and implementation.

 Capacity to multitask, including moving back and forth from project based work to

operational activities.

 Ability to work in a strong team environment as well as independently.

 Good verbal and written communication skills.

 Excellent documentation skills, using tools such as Visio, Excel, and Word.

 Ability to work on weekends, early mornings and evenings, as needed.

 Must work well with multiple parties in Information Technology and other departments on ongoing technology and university initiatives, including expanded usage of Cisco Contact Center for enhanced call center needs.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preferred Technical Qualifications:

 Knowledge of networking protocols and networking theory, with hands on networking experience in a complex enterprise environment.

 Hands on work with Cisco routers and switches, including configuration and deployment.

 Experience with call analysis tools, monitoring tools, and work with Call Detail Records.

 Experience with network management and monitoring tools.